Synthetic Gas Bench for automotive applications

A fully customizable lab-scale Synthetic Gas Bench (SGB), specially designed for the evaluation of catalytic activity of catalysts in powder form, under selected simulated gasoline/diesel engine exhaust conditions. The apparatus consists of three regions; the gas feed, the reactor and the gas analysis.
The gas feed region contains the reactant gases (gas cylinders of certified standards), the mass flow controllers for mixing the gases and the thermostated water saturator for steam introduction to the gas mixture.

After mixing the gases, the mixture is fed in a U-shaped quartz reactor and then passes through a water trapping system, to remove any moisture present in the reactor effluent. Two gas analysers connected in series are used for the measurement of the concentration of gases.

  • Catalytic activity performance validation for automotive applications with gas analyzer.
  • Simultaneous detection of CO, CO2, O2, CH4, NO and NO2.