3DRETURN Project Description

The project “3DRETURN” aims to develop engaging audiovisual materials to educate children and people with disabilities (PWD) about Greece’s mineral wealth, covering extraction, utilization, and reuse of mineral raw materials. Additionally, it seeks to raise awareness about recycling, the circular economy, and the environmental impacts of non-recycling among children and adults. It also promotes understanding of recycling automotive waste, such as catalytic converters. Furthermore, 3DRETURN aims to provide accessible learning materials to all children, regardless of their location, economic status, or health/mobility issues, thus having a significant social impact.

MONOLITHOS participation role

MONOLITHOS takes a lead role as the coordinator in the 3DRETURN project, bringing extensive expertise in mineral raw materials to the forefront, with a particular focus on precious metals commonly found in automotive catalysts. Building on its successful involvement in the Briefcase project, MONOLITHOS is committed to advancing educational initiatives related to raw materials within the framework of 3DRETURN. Through its coordination efforts, MONOLITHOS aims to enhance understanding and awareness of mineral resources, especially among children and individuals with disabilities, fostering a more sustainable and inclusive approach to learning.