WEEE NET9 Project Description

WEEE-NET will improve the capacities of WEEE value chains in the RIS region to recover CRMs by transferring innovative technological solutions and know-how to key players in the region. Partners will:

  1. Set up a novel WEEE recycling business ecosystem in SI, HU, GR, PL, CZ, RO.
  2. Infuse it with an innovative mixture of gravitational, hydro and bio metallurgical technologies.
  3. Stimulate business development and R&D by directly providing support services to RIS market players.

(Funded by the EIT RawMaterials under the Grant Agreement 21115).

MONOLITHOS participation role
  1. Technology assessment, diffusion and fine-tuning: MONOLITHOS (GR-Core Partner) will assess, demonstrate and fine-tune the proposed technology mixture on different waste applications, and organize capacity building activities with local actors in HU, GR and PL.
  2. Technology adoption: MSH, MONOLITHOS, EKOSIJ, all active in CRMs recycling, will exploit WEEE-NET results to position themselves as key RIS players in WEEE recycling.