INNOCAT Project Description

INNOCAT (Innovative CRM substitution technology for public authorities’ vehicle catalysts) projects’ target is to diffuse and successfully apply a technologically innovative approach towards recycling and substitution of PGMs. The technology aims to retrofit Heavy Duty Public Vehicles with a new catalyst technology in order to meet emission and air quality standards. This technology’s primary intention is reducing the use of PGMs by utilising copper nanoparticles to substitute PGMs in catalysts by up to 60% and recycling PGMs used for retrofitted HDVs, thus contributing to their exploitation reduction. 

MONOLITHOS participation role

MONOLITHOS coordinated the INNOCAT project. MONOLITHOS, through its technological expertise, was responsible for defining the retrofitting process of catalysts & the vehicles’ selection criteria, as well as coordinating the actual process of replacing vehicle catalysts, retrieving PGMs, and assessing the savings derived from this process. MONOLITHOS was responsible for the management of the project and for coordinating all partners, ensuring the generation of results that advance successfully the commercialisation of the INNOCAT technology.  Through its participation to the project, MONOLITHOS increased the market potential in the EU and Greece of technologies such as catalyst retrofitting and PGMs replacement.