PHEIDIAS Project Description

PHEIDIAS aims to scale up an innovative hydrometallurgical process for the recovery of Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) from Spent Vehicle Catalytic Converters (SVCCs). This technology will be commercialized and brought into the market of Greece, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Cyprus, and Serbia (Funded by the EIT RawMaterials under the Grant Agreement 20220).

MONOLITHOS participation role

MONOLITHOS coordinates the PHEIDIAS project.
Specifically, MONOLITHOS is responsible for the project management and commercialization of the developed technology in the PHEIDIAS project. MONOLITHOS has also been involved in the collection, preparation and bench tests of the SCCVs in order to lead in the design and installation of the pilot system on its premises.

Leaching Process
Process flowsheet