MONOLITHOS Catalysts and Recycling Ltd was established in 2000 aiming to recycle spent automotive catalytic converters as the main element of the company’s circular business model. In 2002 it expanded on the manufacturing of new, ready-to-mount catalytic converters for the automotive aftermarket, while in 2007 the business model of the company included the trading of automotive exhausts in collaboration with major market players, worldwide.

Over the last 23 years the company has been established as the biggest player of the Greek automotive aftermarket and important stakeholder of the EU automotive sector. At the same time, the R&I Department of MONOLITHOS has been fully operational for the last 6 years, producing significant outputs of scientific excellence.
Since 2017, MONOLITHOS has been in the forefront of the EU industrial innovation landscape, with numerous industrial innovations towards a brighter and greener future.