Vulcanization Testing System

It consists of 3 different instruments:

  1. Internal mixer (Banbury mixer)
  2. Two-roll mill
  3. Moving Die Rheometer (MDR)

The first two instruments are used for the mixing of all the ingredients, and the sample preparation while the MDR performs the vulcanization process providing the vulcanization curve and an indication on the sample’s mechanical properties.

In more detail, during the first step of the process, the unvulcanized rubber is mixed with the activator, the filler and some additives for the vulcanization process inside the chamber of the internal mixer under heating. After that the composite is placed in the 2-roll mill where the composite is further mixed and some more additives are added. At the end of the mixing, the sample is molded in a thin sheet with variable thickness, depending on the distance of the heated rolls. The as prepared composite is cut-off in ~5g per piece. The pieces are placed and measured in the MDR for the vulcanization process and the monitor of the desired properties.