Our latest article has just been published

Our latest article, “Performance of Stainless-Steel Bipolar Plates (SS-BPPs) in Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Water Electrolyser (PEMWE): A Comprehensive Review,” has just been published. 📝

💡 Proton Exchange Membrane Water Electrolysis (PEMWE) holds promise for sustainable high-purity hydrogen (H2) production, with Bipolar Plates (BPPs) playing a crucial role. Our review explores Stainless Steel (SS) BPPs as a cost-effective alternative to titanium (Ti) BPPs, listed in the EU’s Critical Raw Materials (CRMs). Discover how SS BPPs could enhance PEMWE efficiency without compromising performance or durability. 🌱

A huge thank you to our talented MONOLITHOS Team and collaborators, Eirini Zagoraiou, @Soorya Krishan, AMAL SIRIWARDANAAnastasia Moschovi, and Iakovos Yakoumis, for their invaluable contributions to this milestone publication. 🙌

Stay tuned for more groundbreaking insights from MONOLITHOS as we continue to drive innovation in sustainable energy solutions!

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