PhD candidates in the framework of project CO2MPRISE

Monolithos is delighted to host two PhD candidates of Università degli Studi di Sassari in the framework of MSCA RISE project CO<sub>2</sub>MPRISE (

During the 4 months of their stay in Greece:

1. Alessandro Taras will investigate the reduction/valorization of CO2 to efuels under the supervision of Dr. Marios Kourtelesis.

2. Luca Cappai will investigate novel electrochemical membranes for the separation of CO2 from flue gases under the supervision of Dr. Eirini Zagoraiou.

Prof. Gabriele Mulas and Ass. Prof. Sebastiano Garroni (from University of Sassari) and Dr. Anastasia Moschovi and Iakovos Yakoumis (from MONOLITHOS) are responsible for the elaboration of the specific work.