MONOLITHOS participated at a workshop session dedicated to the ReLi-ion project

🔧✨ Exciting Workshop Highlights! ✨🔧

We had the incredible opportunity to participate in the “Directions and Problems of Development of the Non-Ferrous Metals Industry” conference, organized by the Polish Association of Engineers and Technicians of Non-Ferrous Industry in Wrocław, Poland, from November 22nd to 24th.

The event’s thematic focus encompassed various topics such as copper metallurgy, aluminum and zinc metallurgy, the opportunities provided by the #HoryzontEuropa Programme for the non-ferrous metals sector, the principles of the circular economy, and the offerings of EIT RawMaterials for the raw materials industry.

🌐 During the conference, we had the privilege of participating in a session dedicated to the ReLi-ion project, organized by Łukasiewicz – IMN. The session, titled ‘Innovation Transfer in Li-ion Battery Recycling,’ served as a platform to present the results attained through the ReLi-ion project.”

🔋About the ReLi-ion Project 🌱
The aim is to establish a Li-ion battery collection and recycling value chain in East and South-East Europe, introducing innovative technology for the recovery of Li and Co. In this endeavor, MONOLITHOS takes on the role of the technology receiver, benefiting from knowledge diffusion and technology transfer.

🎤 Our heartfelt thanks to our esteemed Dr. Olga Thoda for her exceptional representation of MONOLITHOS through an insightful presentation during the session, encompassing the company’s activities and capacities, and our significant role in the Relion project.”

🙏 Special thanks to Łukasiewicz – IMN for the invitation and the seamless organization of the session.

🤝 Let’s join forces to spark innovation and propel advancement toward new horizons!