🌿 MONOLITHOS is excited to share the success of the “Green Skills: Shaping Tomorrow” Event by the National Technical University of Athens on February 27, 2024!

Our CEO, Dr. Iakovos Yakoumis, contributed as a distinguished panelist in the discussion on “Green Skills for Green Businesses” held at the university’s central library.

👥 Alongside esteemed speakers Fani Tzevelekou from ELKEME SA and Georgios Tentes from GREEN2SUSTAIN, Dr. Iakovos Yakoumis shared valuable insights on integrating green skills into business practices for a sustainable future.

The engaging panel was skillfully moderated by Angeliki Ntalapera, Founding Member of the Rhetorical Association of the National Technical University of Athens.

🌍 We’re proud of our participation and the insightful discussions that took place during the event. Stay tuned for more updates and highlights from MONOLITHOS!