Drying Ovens

Our laboratory is equipped with 2 drying ovens with capacities 57 and 650L. The smaller volume drying oven has a temperature range of +5°C above ambient temperature to +300 °C. The large drying oven is internally coated with PTFE to enable effective heating for highly corrosive materials. Its temperature range is from ambient temperature to +150°C. Our drying ovens serve various purposes related to sample preparation and analysis, such as:

  • Sample Drying.
  • Gravimetric Analysis allowing for accurate determination of mass changes.
  • Sample Preparation by eliminating water or solvents.
  • Moisture Content Determination allowing the moisture content calculation accurately.
  • Heat Treatment in a stable and uniform temperature environment.
  • Evaporation of solvents from liquid samples, leaving behind the desired analytes for further study or analysis.
  • Decomposition Studies as they provide a controlled environment for studying thermal decomposition processes.