3rd ECO2Fuel General Assembly Meeting

The project’s alliance came together in the charming cities of Antwerp and Mol, Belgium, for a captivating third general assembly meeting. The event focused on evaluating the incredible strides made over the past half-year and strategizing the upcoming steps.

The two-day gathering featured a delightful consortium dinner on the first day, an engaging lab tour at VITO in Mol, and an insightful Dissemination and Exploitation workshop held by META Group on the second day.

This meeting showcased the remarkable progress achieved in recent months as the team works diligently towards realizing the ECO2Fuel project’s objectives and constructing the world’s first groundbreaking 1MW direct #CO2electrolyser

Dr. Eirini Zagoraiou (Principal Investigator: Electrochemistry Applications) represented MONOLITHOS at ECO2Fuel Green Deal Project Meeting organized by VITO at Belgium (Antwerp and Mol).
MONOLITHOS’ principal role in the project, is the upscaling of the production of non-critial raw materials catalysts for the anode and the cathode of the 1MW CO2 direct electrolyzer. 40Kgs of electrocatlysts will be produced in order to meet the electrolyzer’s demands.