Light Duty Vehicles Emission Catalysts

All light duty vehicles must comply with the strict exhaust emission limits
imposed by the European Legislation, aiming at the decrease of toxic gas emissions from vehicles. MONOLITHOS develops catalyst technologies to convert and reduce harmful pollutants like CO, HC, NOx and Particulate Matter. 
MONOLITHOS has succeeded in developing a breakthrough technology called “PROMETHEUS” that allows the reduction of PGMs in catalytic converters by up to 85% (by partial substitution with Cu nanoparticles) while keeping the same catalytic performance and durability with state-of-the-art commercial products.

The PROMETHEUS automotive catalyst has been commercialised in the aftermarket, allowing a 50% lower market price of the catalytic converter and achieving Euro 6 emission standards. The catalyst incorporates Cu/Pt/Pd/Rh particles at selected molar ratios. Its high catalytic efficiency and durability comes from the fact that transition metal nanoparticles, such as Cu particles, do not agglomerate during their deposition on the monolith and during the chemical reactions. As a result, the catalytically active area of the particles is maximised,
which in turn increases the overall conversion efficiency.

MONOLITHOS’ portfolio regarding the development of advanced nanocatalytic materials for light duty vehicles includes:

  • Three-Way Catalysts (TWC) – simultaneously oxidizing HC and CO to CO2 and H2O and reducing NOx to N2.
  • Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOC) – oxidizing CO, HC and NOx.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: MONOLITHOS’ innovation not only guarantees exceptional recovery rates but also ensures that the process is economically viable, minimizing operational costs for our valued partners.
  • Selective Catalytic Reduction catalysts – converting nitrogen oxides into N2, and H2O.